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Feature Release: Granular SLAs, Limit Asset Groups, ITSM Ticket Numbers

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In addition to the Infrastructure Vulnerability Reports released this October, NopSec is also excited to announce the following additional product updates and new features. Read on to learn about the improvements we’ve made to our SLAs capabilities, asset groups, and ITSM ticketing functionality.

More Granular Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs, which are used for both reporting and ticketing, can now be set at the vulnerability instance level based on vulnerability risk and asset value combinations. For example, different SLAs can be set for Urgent Risk vulnerabilities appearing on Critical assets than exist for Urgent Risk vulnerabilities on Low value assets. These SLAs are then automatically used when tickets in ITSM systems are created. Furthermore, both the dashboards on the Metrics and the  data on the Infrastructure Vulns Reports pages are updated with these SLAs.

Limit Asset Groups Imported into Unified VRM

As a general rule, tags from scanners are imported into UVRM and turned into asset groups. For some organizations that are using a large number of tags in their scanners, they may not want so many asset groups to show up in Unified VRM. This new feature serves as a whitelist to allow you to control which key – value tags should be able to be ingested NopSec based on pattern matches. Please ask your Customer Success contact if you are interested in learning more about this feature and whether it may be valuable to you.

Limit Asset Groups Imported from Scanners

Similar to the feature to create a whitelist for tags, UVRM now allows you to limit the asset groups being imported from scanners to specific asset groups. This will allow you to ensure that you only import asset groups into UVRM that you want to use, and that you don’t have extra asset groups that unnecessarily clutter your view.

IT Service Management System Ticket Number 

Now the UI for Unified VRM vulnerability instances both shows the ticket number and provides a link to the ITSM system, such as ServiceNow or Jira. Previously, there was a link to the ITSM, but no ticket number. The new feature is shown in the below screenshot.

If you’d like to see how these features could benefit your organization don’t hesitate to sign up for a free demo today! If you’re already a customer and would like to better understand how you can implement these features reach out to your Customer Success Engineer for more information.

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