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Vulnerability Remediation Automation for Workflow Efficiency

Inefficient workflows waste time and create frustration between the Security and ITOps teams. With an array of ticketing system integrations, self-service remediation plans, and automation, NopSec bridges the workflows of these teams. Leverage these features to dramatically improve remediation velocity, making the lives and jobs of your staff simple.
Key Features

  • Push tickets to ITSMs that bi-directionally sync with NopSec
  • Automatically assign SLAs and receive alerts when benchmarks are missed
  • Manage risk exceptions and false positives in scanners from NopSec
  • Track remediation performance by business line, product, or platform

Vulnerability Operationalization Product Features
Scale Your Remediation Processes and Accelerate Throughput
Create a remediation workflow that allows you to start, track, and report on the progress your SecOps teams are making. NopSec brings your cybersecurity operations together into a unified workflow to maximize existing headcount productivity.
Remediation Workflow Collaboration and Automation with NopSec
Successfully operationalizing and scaling vulnerability management requires the joint efforts of multiple teams. However, tedious meetings and endless spreadsheets prohibitively limit timely remediation and risk reduction. The NopSec platform aligns security processes and teams in one console. Through native two-way ticketing integrations with ITSM software and built-in remediation and exception plans, individual teams get what they need to move forward quickly to hit SLA targets. End your organization's department silos and broken processes to shorten your mean time to remediation.
Vulnerability Remediation Plans
Create remediation plan records within NopSec to track the owner, assignee, status, and mapping of vulnerability instances within the platform to enable individuals to quickly access what's in their scope.
Risk Exceptions and Acceptance
Easily assign and manage exceptions and risk acceptance for vulnerabilities that can't be remediated within NopSec. Designated exceptions and acceptance are communicated back to their source scanners to maintain a record of truth.
SLA Tracking
Configure and automatically assign SLAs based on vulnerability severity level. Track SLAs by business line and alert key stakeholders when they are missed.
Celebrity Vulnerability Spotlight
When celebrity vulnerabilities create fire drills, NopSec's homepage surfaces curated research on the vulnerability and enables you to quickly drill down into any instances you have in your environment.

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  • cybersecurity excellence gold award
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2020
  • Network Products Guide - IT World Awards 2019
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2019
  • The golden Bridge Award