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Security Services

Managing cyber exposure at the enterprise level requires great technology and seasoned experts. NopSec can be your outsourced expert to aid your team's security operation efforts.
  • Penetration Testing
    Penetration Testing
    We will evaluate exploitable areas of risk in your infrastruture, applications, and employees. The final deliverable is a report of our findings, as well as short and long term tactical remediation strategies.
    What's Included
    • Detailed findings report of exploitable risk
    • Replicatable guide to reproduce exploited risks
    • Retest to validate client's implemented compsenating controls
    • Short term and long term remediation strategy recommendations
    Penetration Test Pricing
  • Managed Vulnerability Management
    Managed Vulnerability Management
    We serve as your third-party subject matter expert. We'll aid your Vulnerability Management program by scanning and reporting on your infrastructure vulnerabilities.
    What's Included
    • NopSec-managed scanning operation services
    • Agent-deployed or traditional-schedule scanning procedures
    • Customized and expertly-configured security scans of your environment
    • Reporting on your risk posture through a dedicated UVRM instance
    Managed Vulnerability Management Pricing