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Security Data Aggregation for a Complete Picture of Risk

Security data silos limit exposure visibility and complicate the jobs of resource-constrained Security teams. NopSec brings together your asset, vulnerability, and exposure data from all of your scanning, threat intelligence, and contextual tools into one aggregated console. Enable your team to view all of their environment components from one homebase.
Key Features

  • Integrate with leading security products via direct API or custom file uploads
  • Manage a deduplicated list of assets across all of your integrations
  • Distinguish your assets by source, site, environment, state, and other metadata
  • Leverage machine-learning classification to automatically identify critical assets

Vulnerability Aggregation Product Features
Get All of Your Exposure on Your Radar
Remediating exposure begins with understanding the data, tools, people, and processes that increase your attack surface. NopSec aggregates this information and enables your team to take control of their risk prioritization with complete context.
Security Data Ingestion and Aggregation with NopSec
Every organization's risk is unique. So, too, are the tools chosen to combat that risk. Working in disparate systems and manually correlating their information is the quickest way to overlook risky vulnerabilities. Aggregation of security data is the critical first step to fixing this. NopSec directly integrates with on-prem and cloud infrastructure scanners, web application scanners (SAST and DAST), container scanners, and configuration management databases (CMDB) to provide you with an up-to-date inventory of your environment and exposure. Give your team the comprehensive visibility they need.
Comprehensive Scanner Ingestion
Agnostically ingest and aggregate scan target data from all major infrastructure, cloud/container configuration, and SAST/DAST vulnerability scanners into NopSec's single consolidated platform.
CMDB Asset Contextualization
Whether you have a homegrown solution or use an off-the-shelf tool like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Active Directory, or AWS, NopSec will integrate with your CMDB to collect environmental asset context.
Deduplicate Asset Data
NopSec will deduplicate all of your asset instances, while maintaining the unique context provided from the original source. This is accomplished using unique identifiers like scanner uuid, mac address, hostname, and ip_address.
Normalize Disparate Security Data
All NopSec security tool APIs are built to normalize data as it is ingested into the platform. Instead of inconsistent data with unique nomenclature, NopSec provides a single universal data set that encompasses all of your security data.

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  • cybersecurity excellence gold award
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2020
  • Network Products Guide - IT World Awards 2019
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2019
  • The golden Bridge Award