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Vulnerability Metrics for Security and Remediation Insights

Communicating the progress and ROI of vulnerability management efforts to non-technical stakeholders is a struggle. NopSec delivers reports and dashboards that provide deep security insights for analysts and executives in the languages they speak. Ensure your team gets the recognition and resources it deserves by displaying their contributions for your entire organization.
Key Features

  • Customize report stats by business line, product, or platform
  • Get the insights that show you what you don’t know
  • Role-based data filters helps control the data users see
  • Scheduled dashboards and reports keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • Integrate NopSec with BI tools for organizational data alignment

Vulnerability Insight Product Features
Showcase Your Risk Exposure Impact
Stop trying to tell your risk exposure management story by cobbling together spreadsheets. NopSec gives you the ability to effectively simplify the overwhelming technical raw data into jargon-free insight reports.
Security Program Insights and ROI Reporting with NopSec
Cybersecurity teams don't get the resources they need. Changing this requires speaking the language of the business. Security data must be translated into easy-to-understand narratives that show bottom line impact. The NopSec platform makes security tangible for organizations. Our comprehensive vulnerability management reporting suite provides quick and clear answers to progress, performance, and state-of-security questions. Coupled with deep vulnerability context data, NopSec provides the reporting functionality that is needed to serve executives and analysts use cases alike.
Customizable Dashboards
Manipulate and display your security data in whatever way your organization needs. With NopSec's fully customizable dashboards, you can put the trends and KPIs you want to see front and center.
Full Stack Security Insights
Leverage your connected DAST/SAST and network vulnerability data to get a side-by-side complete picture of your cyber exposure.
Import Red Team Findings
Import penetration test findings to report and correlate them with other vulnerability data for a comprehensive exposure assessment.
Business Line Level Reports
View the exposure, progress, and SLA attainment of each of your business units individually. Compare business lines side by side to identify security leaders and laggards within your organization.

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  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2019
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2020
  • Network Products Guide - IT World Awards 2019
  • The golden Bridge Award
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Finalist 2019