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NopSec vs Kenna Security

Cross Compare NopSec UVRM with Kenna Security
The chart below will allow you to compare NopSec UVRM and Kenna Security side by side based on a list of product features. These features are must-haves to successfully manage cyber exposure at the enterprise level.
Kenna Security

Risk Based Prioritization

Risks are prioritized based on the potential impact to your organization

Top five factors in your risk scores are shared

Auto ITSM Ticketing

Create, assign, and close tickets within ITSMs with no manual effort

Dashboards & Metrics

Show progress trends of security posture and process metrics

Compensating Controls

Provide visibility into compensating controls that have been enabled by the host

Celebrity Vulnerability Updates

Regular identification and analysis of celebrity vulnerabilities (the vulnerabilities in the news)

True SaaS Based Offering

On-demand application with no virutal machine or on-prem management

Offensive Security Services

Security support services are offered to pair with your technology to maximize impact and ROI

Auto Asset Criticality Classification

Automatic algorithm-based classification of your assets and assignment of their criticality level

Complete IT Environment Coverage

Manage on-prem or cloud infrastructure, application, and container vulnerabilities


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