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Automate Control Validation and Pentesting

NopSec leverages advanced machine learning to simulate risk, provides customers in depth "what if" analysis to assess cyber exposures. We also provide security controls validations by emulating advanced attack scenarios to help customers identify control gaps and implement effective compensating controls for further risk reduction.
Key Features

  • Provides “what if” risk analytics and scenario analysis
  • Emulate attack scenarios to validate security control existence and effectiveness
  • Identify control gaps and enable compensating controls

Key Modules
Simulate the Threat Offense
UVRM will replicate potential attack paths and their impact then allow you to validate your defensive response.
Risk Simulation and Attack Emulation
Attackers will become perpetually more sophisticated in the tools and tactics they use to exploit holes in your cybersecurity defenses. Thus it is critical to identify security weaknesses before the attackers do. In addition to periodic penetration testing and regular vulnerability scanning, organizations must be able to simulate potential attack scenarios and their remediations before they happen. Only then will the highest risk attack paths be stopped cold.
Risk Simulator
Simulate risk impacts, provide in depth "what if" analytics to support risk management decisions.
Attack Emulator
Emulate attack scenarios to validate existing security controls.
Provide an aggregated threat intelligence service across threat actors, threat campaigns, malware, ransomware, exploitation and social threat intelligence.

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  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2019
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2020
  • Network Products Guide - IT World Awards 2019
  • The golden Bridge Award
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Finalist 2019