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Managed Vulnerabilty Management

Let our internal experts and technology supplement your Vulnerability Management program by scanning and reporting on your risk posture
Outsourced Vulnerability Management
If your Security team struggles with limited personnel or expertise we can be your supplemental resource.
  • NopSec will manage your scanning operation services
  • NopSec will run either agent-deployed or traditional-schedule scans
  • NopSec will custom configure your security scans for your individual environment
  • NopSec will report on your risk posture and progress in your UVRM instance
Managed Vulnerability Assessment Pricing
All of our services are custom scoped and custom quoted because no two environments are exactly the same. All we need is some general information to get started!
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  • Resource Allocation Efficiency

    Have one less thing for your security team to think about and manage.
  • Workforce Optimization

    Save on the cost of having to hire a dedicated person(s) for this security function.
  • Leverage Seasoned Experts

    Benefit from our years of experience performing this function for a wide array of organizations.
  • Reduced Technology Cost

    Save security budget for other investments by leveraging our technology resources.