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Why NopSec

NopSec Helps Leading Companies Reduce Cyber Exposure Risk
NopSec's aim is to be the strategic partner that elevates the capabilities of both CISOs and Security teams in complex industries. See how we can serve you by Role or Industry below.


NopSec helps Security teams better focus efforts on the most critical activities, helps streamline operations, and provides reporting visibility to CISOs.
  • CISO

    NopSec is a "strategic partner" for CISO's designed to optimize and illuminate the progress of Security teams. Armed with NopSec, CISOs finally have the tool necessary to demonstrate the ROI of their organization's security investments.
  • Vulnerability Manager

    NopSec revolutionizes the day-to-day operations of Vulnerability Managers. By illuminating the most critical risks, this tool helps cut through the noise and time to decision maximizing team impact in the least amount of time.

NopSec Reduces Cyber Exposure For Key Industries

NopSec in an industry-agnostic solution and is used by high-growth companies worldwide
  • Healthcare

    With the rise of telemedicine and increasing sophistication of ransomware threats, protecting PHI has never been more challenging. NopSec helps Health Care companies adhere to HIPPA rules and HITECH act by enabling security teams to identify and remediate the most urgent vulnerabilities on the most critical assets before the attackers do.
  • Finance

    Financial Services companies are constant targets for malware, ransomware and sophisticated attacks. Leading financial service companies use NopSec to lower Cyber Risk by correlating vulnerability, threat intelligence and asset data from multiple sources to accurately prioritize remediations while keeping all stakeholders in the loop with automatically generated KPI's, reports and dashboards.
  • Media

    Media companies are fast-becoming one of the most targeted industries due to the value of their intellectual property and copyrighted material. Leading companies such as Sony, Netflix, and HBO have been the targets of major, public attacks, but no company is immune from these attacks. Nopsec helps leading Media companies to identify the weakest links in their security infrastructure and eliminate them, to help stop attacks before they even begin.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing companies have become targets of nation-state attackers, ransomware, and other attacks which can be difficult to defend against. By crippling logistics and supply chain operations, attackers hault production lines. NopSec can lower this risk of this happening by correlating vulnerability, threat intelligence, and asset data from multiple sources to accurately prioritize remediations, keeping would-be threats from being weaponized.


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