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Why NopSec

Pick NopSec, RBVM Focused from Day One
Unlike many of our competitors, we've been dedicated to helping companies implement risk-based vulnerability management from the beginning. Choosing NopSec means choosing an RBVM partner. Our platform has been built to enable your Security team at every stage of vulnerability management lifecycle. Our dedicated team of security experts is invested to helping you mature your unique security program.

Choose the Whole-Brain Approach to RBVM

We believe that the best technology is born from a combination of veteran experience and a core understanding of the problem that needs solving. These are the two halves of the whole-brain approach we combined to build the NopSec platform.
  • We Started as Hackers

    The security experts behind NopSec's RBVM solution all began as pentesters and red teamers. When it comes to exploiting vulnerabilities, they have decades of experience. They took that experience and built the NopSec platform to have their perspective when assessing an environment for vulnerabilities.
  • We Put Prioritization First

    You can fix any number of vulnerabilities, but if you aren't fixing the right vulnerabilities, it doesn't matter. This is why we put prioritization first. Everything else is secondary. Our patented prioritization algorithm is better than any competitor at predicting which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited.

NopSec Reduces Cyber Exposure For Key Industries

NopSec in an industry-agnostic solution and is used by high-growth companies worldwide
  • Healthcare

    With the rise of telemedicine and increasing sophistication of ransomware threats, protecting PHI has never been more challenging. NopSec helps Health Care companies adhere to HIPPA rules and HITECH act by enabling security teams to identify and remediate the most urgent vulnerabilities on the most critical assets before the attackers do.
  • Finance

    Financial Services companies are constant targets for malware, ransomware and sophisticated attacks. Leading financial service companies use NopSec to lower Cyber Risk by correlating vulnerability, threat intelligence and asset data from multiple sources to accurately prioritize remediations while keeping all stakeholders in the loop with automatically generated KPI's, reports and dashboards.
  • Media

    Media companies are fast-becoming one of the most targeted industries due to the value of their intellectual property and copyrighted material. Leading companies such as Sony, Netflix, and HBO have been the targets of major, public attacks, but no company is immune from these attacks. Nopsec helps leading Media companies to identify the weakest links in their security infrastructure and eliminate them, to help stop attacks before they even begin.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing companies have become targets of nation-state attackers, ransomware, and other attacks which can be difficult to defend against. By crippling logistics and supply chain operations, attackers hault production lines. NopSec can lower this risk of this happening by correlating vulnerability, threat intelligence, and asset data from multiple sources to accurately prioritize remediations, keeping would-be threats from being weaponized.


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