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Focus Remediation on the Riskiest Vulnerabilities

NopSec UVRM uses patented Machine Learning algorithms to precisely calculate the risk of vulnerability exploitation on your network. Go beyond standard scanner and CVSS scores to identify and rank the criticality of your vulnerabilities. Eliminate security vulnerability overload with a single risk score.
Key Features

  • Correlates Scanner data with 30 threat, exploit and social media feeds
  • Patented Machine Learning predicts the likelihood of exploit
  • Uses Asset Criticality from your CMDB or UVRM calculates it for you
  • Configurable rules for SLA assignment

Key Modules
Factor Everything into Your Prioritization
UVRM enables you to spend your remediation time wisely and confidently with a risk score that takes far more into account than just CVSS.
RBVM (Risk Based Vulnerability Management)
Thoughts leaders and analysts agree that staying in front of cyber attackers requires implementing a risked-based vulnerability management program to keep up. Without this programmatic approach to exposure management, the fall back means of referring to CVSS scores or scanner ratings to determine your patching focus will leave you perpetually exposed. Predicting the likelihood of exploitation requires vulnerability prioritization technology that doesn't just correlate existing exploits, but also the likelihood of future weaponized exploits.
IT Asset Prioritization
Ensure that vulnerability risk is accurately accounted for by importing asset criticality values from your CMDB or use NopSec's machine learning algorithms to automatically calculate it for you.
Ingest data from all major network and agent based scanners. Correlate with threat intelligence, exploit, NVD, and open-source intelligence feeds to ensure an accurate assessment of vulnerability risk and SLA assignment.
RBVM Container
Minimize your attack surface by ingesting container configuration and vulnerability scan data to prioritize fixes in your digital artifacts before they get run as images.
RBVM Config
Leverage scanner assessment results to compare configuration policy violations against standards like CIS Benchmarks to prioritize remediation actions.
AppSec AVC
Connect to your DAST/SAST scanners and CMDB to effectively manage the vulnerability risk of your application stack.

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  • cybersecurity excellence gold award
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2020
  • Network Products Guide - IT World Awards 2019
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards - Winner 2019
  • The golden Bridge Award