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Fix Less,

Secure More

The Cyber Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform that SecOps and ITOps love

It's Time to Tame Vulnerability Overload

Struggling to understand and remediate the vulnerabilities that truly matter to your business with a mix of spreadsheets and crossed fingers? We believe there is a better way. Learn how you can reduce the risk created by ineffective vulnerability prioritization and remediation processes. Fix less and secure more.

Your New and Improved Vulnerability Management Program Starts Here

The NopSec Cyber Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform brings SecOps and ITOps teams together to effectively reduce exposure across the organization. With NopSec, SecOps teams gain deep insight into the risks that matter most and ITOps teams can streamline remediation processes.

CTEM Improves the Bottomline

NopSec's cyber threat exposure management platform helps your team achieve your security program's goals and reduce risk exposure in a rapid and measurable way.
  • 67%
    Of customers improved their RBVM program Maturity Score in 6 months
  • 45%
    Less time spent in manual data triage
  • 40%
    Faster identification of critical vulnerabilities
  • 75%
    Reduction in MTTR on highest risk vulnerabilities
Use Cases
With NopSec Unified Vulnerability Risk Manager security teams can ensure their staff have the necessary tools to address the most important issues and minimize risk.


  • Make a Real Impact on your Risk Exposure

    Leverage machine learning and business context to make better security decisions, faster
  • Proactively Reduce your Cyber Risk

    Shift your VM team from being reactive to proactive by remediating vulnerabilities before weaponization
  • Streamline Security Operations

    Optimize Security and IT Operations workflows with automation, not more wasteful meetings
  • Aggregate the CTEM Process into a Single Console

    Organize all of your security platform data, vulnerabilities, and asset context into one centralized console


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