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2023 Forrester VRM Wave: NopSec Rated as a Strong Performer

NopSec Strong Performer Badge ES

We are pleased to announce that after a thorough evaluation process, NopSec has been rated as a Strong Performer in the recently published Forrester Vulnerability Risk Management Wave report. We take this news with great pride as we continue striving to solve our client’s vulnerability management needs with our unique approach.

NopSec is a Cyber Threat Exposure Management platform that addresses five core use cases within the vulnerability management lifecycle: security data aggregation, vulnerability risk prioritization, vulnerability remediation operations, attack path simulation, and vulnerability management insights. As part of the evaluation process, all five of our core use cases were on display and intensely reviewed by the leading Vulnerability Risk Management Analysts at Forrester. Our resulting Strong-Performer rating speaks for itself in terms of the platform’s ability to make the lives of SecOps and ITOps teams easier.

Our placement on the Forrester VRM Wave graph is based on two main assessment criteria: Strategy and Current Offering. Within these two primary assessment criteria categories, NopSec was given the highest possible scores in the areas of:

  • Compensating Controls
  • Emergency and Celebrity Vulnerabilities
  • Time to Value
  • Innovation

Forrester remarked that our Compensating Controls functionality signifies that our platform natively conducts nonintrusive attack simulations to measure the likelihood of threat actors bypassing defenses. With regards to Emergency and Celebrity Vulnerabilities, Forrester remarked that our platform out performs competitors by directly providing insights on emergency and celebrity vulnerabilities at advanced speed, sometimes before they become celebrities. This had to be verified by referenced customers to be given this high score. Our Time to Value score signifies that we demonstrated best in class onboarding experiences and customer-partnerships that minimized client effort. Again, customer references had to explicitly cite rapid time to value with smooth implementations. Lastly, our high score in the category of Innovation signifies that we have a thorough innovation strategy that includes specific and detailed plans to deliver next-generation features, innovative solutions to address emerging needs, and market-leading competitive functionality. This is significant due to the Innovation category comprising 30% of the overall score of the Strategy assessment portion of the report.

While these highlights emphasize where we excel beyond the competition, they only scratch the surface of the capabilities that the NopSec Cyber Threat Exposure Management platform can deliver to end users. To see NopSec’s specific placement in the Wave compared to our competitors, we welcome you to review the full report at the link below:


If you’re interested in seeing why Forrester rated us as a Strong Performer or what our Cyber Threat Exposure Management platform that can do for you, schedule a NopSec demo here today!.

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