Forbes: It’s Not Just Warren Buffett Who Is Bullish On Women

The rationale for this blog post is the Rule of Three and, as noted on Wikipedia, the Latin phrase, “omne trium perfectum”. Over the past month, I’ve referenced a couple of articles regarding women in leadership and NopSec’s CEO. “VC firms need to find their feminine sides” and “Security Careers: Breaking Barriers”. Today an article by Geri Stengel, a Contributor at Forbes titled, “It’s Not Just Warren Buffett Who Is Bullish On Women” completes the trifecta.

The article mentions NopSec in a comment by Adam Quinton a former managing director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and current member of the Global Advisory Board for Astia. Adam is also an advisor for NopSec regarding the financial aspects of our business including financial projections and overall financing strategy. (See our entire board of advisors at