Security Careers: Breaking Barriers

Lisa Xu, CEO of NopSec, was interviewed recently by about her career in information security – a male-dominated field – and asked about what advice she can offer for women to grow in their careers.

I encourage you to take a listen to the audio interview here.

There are a few really great statements by Lisa that gives you a feel for Lisa’s approach and strategic direction that drives everything we do at NopSec. When asked about what attracted her to the vulnerability management space, Lisa summed up her response with, “Solving customers’ problem and real pain points attracts me the most” and later went on to state, “My philosophy throughout my career has been that if you focus on the customer, nothing else matters.”

Lisa also spent some time talking about why cultural differences can be advantageous in the job market. There is an interesting part of the interview where Lisa talks about how her heritage has influenced her management philosophy, “In eastern cultures there is this concept of Ying and Yang, which describes how contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. We incorporated this into the company logo for NopSec. The company culture that we foster at NopSec is an environment of respect and curiosity.”