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NopSec Drives the Vulnerability Management Standards with Latest Release of Program Intelligence Module

NopSec’s Vulnerability Risk Management Platform Enables Organizations to Better Manage Business Risk.

New York, NYNopSec,Inc., a leader in vulnerability and cyber threat management, today announced that the Program Intelligence Module will extend the power of the Unified VRM, addressing additional use cases to strengthen the security posture of customers.

NopSec’s flagship product, Unified VRM, is used by government entities and private organizations to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities, reduce risks, and validate cybersecurity controls. Unified VRM is a cloud-based SaaS platform powered by the world’s most advanced attack simulation capabilities and machine learning analytics. The platform provides IT Security and Risk teams with global visibility of their infrastructure risk levels, enabling them to prioritize and remediate their most imminent cyber threats.

Unified VRM Program Intelligence Module allows customers to strategically align their vulnerability management program with their business goals — i.e. digital transformation, cost reduction, operational excellence, and growth. Unified VRM Program Intelligence Module provides holistic visibility into the real risks posed to organizations and measures the efficiency of their technology, people, and processes. The Program Intelligence Module simplifies communicating the overall vulnerability risk management program’s health to executives, board members, and other non-technical audiences. This module makes it possible to instantly answer executives’ ad hoc emergency vulnerability management questions and to provide them with customized metrics and benchmarking.

“The vulnerability management market has fundamentally shifted in strategic importance for board-level executives,” said Parag Baxi, VP of Product at NopSec. “NopSec is leading this market transition, and I am excited to help the company deliver its next-generation technology to customers.”

For more information:
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About NopSec
NopSec provides ML-based threat prediction and cyber risk remediation solutions to make data digestible, actionable and cut down time to remediation.
The company is based in New York City.


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