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NopSec – CrowdStrike Joint Solution Brief

NopSec and CrowdStrike are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into a global technology partnership, integrating NopSec’s leading enterprise Vulnerability Risk Management SaaS solution with CrowdStrike’s endpoint security solution. This partnership provides customers with real-time vulnerability prioritization and remediation to efficiently protect customer environment from fast evolving threats.

With this partnership, NopSec Unified VRM provides visibility and insight for customer to close security gaps in real time. CrowdStrike endpoint data are ingested into Unified VRM to provide holistic visibility across infrastructures, endpoints and applications. By funneling contextual endpoint and network information into NopSec’s vulnerability prioritization and threat modeling algorithm, Unified VRM simulates and prioritizes which vulnerabilities could impact the overall environment and which security controls could be validated or bypassed in real-world attack scenarios. This data transformation enables security teams to better prioritize and proactively address potential threats in their environments as well as performing contextual threat modeling on network and end-point control effectiveness.


Solution Brief

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