Saving Time in Vulnerability Management

2019 is here and it’s back to the workday routine. As a dad with a Jersey bus commute, mornings are rushed. Kids eating their bagels with extra cream cheese alone while parents pack lunches. Then, I walk to the bus stop.

Often, the bus is on time, but sometimes it’s late and I wait. Thanks to NJ Transit, I no longer wait. Their website tells me in real time when the bus will arrive. This gives me a few more minutes with my family. Technology enables me to save time so I can pretend with my kids that we only have extra cream cheese left.

There is a tremendous opportunity for technology to save us time in Vulnerability Management, too. I am VP of Product at NopSec today, but in a past life, I was a security analyst put in charge of a Vulnerability Management program. I encountered many manual process opportunities from prioritization and remediation to reporting that could be automated. I automated what I could — and open-sourced it — if only the technology was there for all.

I joined NopSec because I discovered that the technology is here, NopSec built it. I could personally be helping organizations make the right security decisions, and quickly!

I am proud to share that we are dedicating the beginning of 2019 to saving all Vulnerability Management stakeholders’ time. We’ll be sharing more stories over the next few months.

I hope you enjoy these stories and invite you to share your own. I would love to hear how you spend the time you saved — perhaps a less rushed morning or extra time with your family. For those of you who are not yet customers, try us out, and let us help you save time.