Continuous Collaboration at Qualys Security Conference

Call it good timing. After all the horrendous cyber security news of the past weeks, it feels great about that our industry is joining forces, strengthening partnership alliance within the infosec community, and collaborating at Qualys’ annual security conference in Las Vegas this week.

Speaking for myself (and perhaps the rest of the Nopsec team), I’m especially energized to surround myself with the best and brightest minds in the security when dealing with one of the worst weeks in vulnerability disclosures and data breaches. We’re also excited to showcase an exciting new integration with Qualys to help our joint customers optimize their security programs with prioritized and pragmatic remediation.

If you’re on your way to the conference, make sure to stop by to see a demo, chat with our team, or even if compare notes about what’s happening in town. (Shall we call that “continuous collaboration”?)

See you there!