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Working Hard towards Vulnerability Remediation: ServiceNow Integration

At NopSec, we work hard every day not only to make it easy for organizations to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities, but also primarily to facilitate their “frictionless remediation”. This is so key since based on the latest public surveys on enterprises and on our customers’ sample data, it seems that the biggest obstacle in vulnerability management lays in the fixing of discovered vulnerabilities. One step closer to that “frictionless remediation” is the integration of Unified VRM with ServiceNow Ticketing system.

With the 3.4.7 release, Unified VRM can sync the vulnerability tickets opened within the system with ServiceNow organization’s cloud instance. The sync is bi-directional. To enable the service, the connector needs to be enabled in our backend. Once this is done including URL and access credentials, the sync link is ready to used. The credentials are encrypted with a customer’s unique encryption key.

Once the system is set up, the security analyst can navigate to remediation tab, select the tickets that want to be synced and in the action button, one new menu item appears called “ServiceNow actions”. Browsing this menu allows to either send Unified VRM tickets to ServiceNow or update those selected tickets from ServiceNow.

The organization working with ServiceNow ticketing system to resolve and patch its security vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure, can then continue to use Unified VRM to track vulnerability remediation by pushing and pulling statuses from ServiceNow.

Thanks ServiceNow for the support in achieving this.

One step closer to that “frictionless remediation!

View Unified VRM ServiceNow Ticket Integration Video Here

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