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Vulnerability Management Myths

Automation Strikes Back!

There are tons of technologies out there that are trying to “AUTOMATE” every aspect of human life. For the most part, people are open to the change because it makes their lives easier and overall more efficient. So why are so many security operation teams failing to adopt automation when it comes to vulnerability management?…

One of the most common misconceptions that I have come across while talking to security professionals is that they don’t believe that vulnerability management automation is actually possible. To them, there have been and always will be tedious manual tasks as a result of the tsunami of data that’s coming off their vulnerability scanners.

It doesn’t have to be this way!!!

Believe it or not, the security landscape is changing rapidly and automation of security operations and post vulnerability scanning tasks is bringing in a new age of Vulnerability Management. The challenges security professionals focus on today (the inability to cleanse data quickly, knowing what vulnerabilities are “real”, and what vulnerabilities need to be remediated first) can all be resolved by adding automation to otherwise tedious tasks.

Those spreadsheets that many have become so accustomed to are now becoming obsolete! Using our Adaptive Expert Intelligence and Prioritized Threat Prediction we can carefully craft and reprioritize based on the business risk uniquely tailored to your own environment. This shows you the “low hanging fruit” that a hacker is most likely to exploit first. and the best part is: it’s all done automatically!! Think of all the time you and your team can save from just eliminating manual tasks. It allows for one to get to the end goal of remediation substantially quicker.

So think to yourself…. does it actually have to be that way?

Sometimes change is a good thing.. Come along for the ride!

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