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Unified VRM Fuser

NopSec bidirectionally syncs a single source of truth to organizations’ IT ecosystems

Organizations often have several tools as a part of their IT ecosystem, making it difficult to monitor data. Gathering data from separate systems all in one place requires a lot of manual effort. This work is not only time consuming, but can lead to data inconsistency, inaccuracy, and duplication with human error. 

This is a problem because without accurate data, these organizations don’t have a clear understanding of the company’s overall risk. For leaders to make informed business decisions they need an accurate view of all systems. If the data is unclean and difficult to track down, they might be misled about the company’s risk score. 

Likewise, inconsistent reporting means that teams like IT and InfoSec will have different understandings of the risk, which may cause friction between the two groups. When there’s risk, these two groups need to be able to communicate and should be on the same page. Only IT can update the CMDB, and only InfoSec can update the network scanner, but they both need to know about it. If each are looking at different data sets, neither will have a reliable reading on the risk.

So how can organizations ensure they have total and precise visibility into their IT ecosystem? It starts with aligning teams with Unified VRM Fuser.

What is Unified VRM Fuser?

Unified VRM Fuser is an automatic bidirectional synchronizer that gives organizations near real-time visibility into all business IT investments. The entire organization sees the most up-to-date data through a single pane of glass, meaning all reports are consistent, regardless of which tools are used. 

Moreover, because this process is automated, teams can identify risk quickly and seamlessly. Without the burden of manual work, IT and InfoSec employees have more time to work on important tasks, such as remediating critical vulnerabilities. Plus, with the potential for human error out of the way, your organization can count on greater precision, allowing leaders to make smarter decisions.

With Unified VRM Fuser, you can assign owners with Qualys. You can do that with CMDB (ServiceNow, BMC Remedy) or network scanners (Qualys,, Rapid7) and they will sync to each other.

Ultimately, with consistent data updated in real-time, all in one place, the entire organization is on the same page about risk.

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