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Risk Management Platform: Unified VRM Vulnerability Export API

NopSec’s Threat and Vulnerability Risk Management platform, Unified VRM, exposes a REST API with Unified VRM Vulnerability Export API. It enables our enterprise customers to have filterable and unlimited access to all their vulnerability data. 

Managing millions of vulnerabilities can be very intimidating for any security professionals which can lead to lack of transparency about organizations’ cyber risk posture. Prior to these new APIs, security professionals did not have a clear path to exfiltrate this data in a way that could easily be integrated with third-party or custom solutions. 

We’re also aware customers do not use Unified VRM on its own and many would like the ability to export their asset and vulnerability data into different products and systems to fit their own management and workflow needs. Previously this has made it difficult for organizations to build a homegrown integration. But through our growing network of partners, we’ve been able to help our customers easily integrate Unified VRM with other leading platforms. 

By combining this API and the Postman documentation, we’ve opened the doors for everyone from our largest enterprise customers to individual developers to begin integrating all of Unified VRM’s rich vulnerability data into their own custom solutions.

For More Information about our RESTful API, please see: 

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