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UnifiedVRM Roadmap SiteRep

…..and I am back!!

Apologies for waiting so long to blogging. The past few months here at NopSec have been filled with great activities and developments. So I am back this month telling you more what’s brewing in the UnifiedVRM feature roadmap.

In the past few months we have been very busy filling our Unified VRM SaaS solution’s feature chest with great features. On top of improvements to the Task management interface we already talked about, the past sprints were noteworthy in terms of:

Integration with MS SSCM patch management

For companies using MS SSCM 2012 for patch and configuration management, now UnifiedVRM integrates with it for comparing detected vulnerabilities and installed security patches, so that IT operations can investigate cases where the patch has been already applied but the hosts have not been restarted or where the patch need to be reapplied. On top of comparing patching and vulnerability management, the UnifiedVRM integration with MS SSCM also provides a way to push a patch application scheduling so that IT operations can decide then whether or not apply the patch being suggested because a vulnerability was found.

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