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Unified VRM 4.0: Usability for SecOps

Since product launch (2012), Unified VRM has been rapidly expanding with new features and advanced automation solutions for security professionals. By 2015, content inventory confirmed Unified VRM’s capabilities were outgrowing front-end visibility, so our team hit the drawing board to create a brand new information architecture that would maximize user’s ability to engage with impactful remediation.

Unified VRM login

NopSec proudly released Unified VRM 4.0, featuring a brand new user interface and experience of security operations. Version 4.0 presents a clean and durable structure that will enable growth, fully optimized for ongoing feature development.


We recently conducted user research focused on the alignment of both product concept and user mental models. Our research findings were applied to developing 4.0’s new navigation system.  The new navigation design allows for earlier, more comprehensive introduction to critical risk, efficient workflow by module, and offers improved feature visibility and element interaction – all while reducing load time.


Unified VRM is a usability solution at its core. The product’s technology was created to reduce massively stacked scan results into deeply refined, manageable lists – isolating relevant risk by filtering out noise.


Clean data is not Unified VRM’s only usability innovation. The objective of our user interface is to enhance the experience of vulnerability risk management even further with prioritized actions.


In version 4.0, we have introduced the new feature, “My To-Do”. The “My To-Do” view enables users to interact with prioritized lists of module vulnerabilities, tasks, tickets, and assets within one consolidated window, accessible from any point in the operational workflow. Users can now easily focus their workflows towards exploitable vulnerabilities, patches, malware, and target their highest risk within 1-2 clicks of logging in.

vrm to do list

Unified VRM 4.0 provides users with a new set of dashboards for comprehensive risk insight, reduction progress overview, and seamless data visualization exporting. The brand new “A.I. Engine” dashboard allows users to explore the expert intelligence data cleansing process via charts and descriptions of removed and prioritized vulnerabilities.

vrm ipad

NopSec Engineering continues to develop enhancements and features for future releases of Unified VRM. We look forward to building upon version 4.0 to deliver a uniquely usable vulnerability risk management experience.


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