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Reflection on Black Hat 2013 – a Technical Perspective

As every year the Las Vegas security conferences extravaganza unfolds and then passes leaving a head full of new knowledge and little energy to put it into action. Aside from mingling with my infosec peers, and plenty of customer interactions at BlackHat Briefings and Sponsor Expo Hall, this year I personally attended training classes alongside my team of engineers.

I had the pleasure to attend the Peach 3 Training Class offered by the Mike Eddington (@sockstail) and the folks at Déjà vu Security (@DejavuSecurity). You can find them at and Peach 3 fuzzer at


The training class went basically through the basics of fuzzing with Peach framework – a framework for fuzzing at version 3 now coded on C# and transitioning from python, how to build your own Peach Pit files – your own fuzzers in an XML format, in which you can define the Data Model of the protocol or file you are fuzzing, the Statemodel – how the Data model defined above interacts with the target protocol or file, Agents, Monitors, Logger, Debuggers, etc. ALL IN ONE SIMPLE XML FILE! The power of it is that you can even define a client-server connection in peach to monitor remote debuggers and faults while fuzzing remote protocols. The class was 30% lecture and 70% lab. During the lab we built several fuzzers, given protocols and file specs, for PNG file, Quake Server, WAV and MP4 files, and more and in the process we managed to find several exploitable faults and related vulnerabilities. SWEEET! On top of the great instructions, I got the chance to meet great pen testers, including Josh and Travis. Great guys!

Since this year NopSec was sponsoring BlackHat Conference, I spent most of the time at our booth talking with industry professionals and prospective customers. Great conversations! Thank you all!

I did not get the chance to hang out that much at BSidesLV (I had the ticket – thanks @wikidsystems!) and subsequently DefCon. I had to be back in NYC for a customer meeting! Anyway, I had the blast this year hanging out at the BlackHat Arsenal with @ToolsWatch NJ and Adytia Sood. Thanks guys!

Hope next year to be able to get involved in more sessions. Until then….the NopSec superhero is still flying over the Bellagio fountain!

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