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NopSec’s CEO featured in Forbes article about building an Advisory Board

Lisa Xu, Chief Executive Officer at NopSec, knows that an outside perspective is critical to building the company. Lisa recently met with Geri Stengel at Forbes to discuss how NopSec is building a board of advisors and what advice could be passed along to other readers. “How An Advisory Board Can Grow Your Business” provides a perspective on choosing the right people, setting expectations, and motivating the participants.

Why have an advisory board?

A well-structured advisory board provides an outsider’s perspective as well as networking opportunities and advice. Lisa sought out individuals with expertise in, “technology, sales and marketing, finance, and the financial services industry.” Ms. Stengel also noted in the article that that a personal connection was important to, “determine if a candidate could provide actionable insights and if she had chemistry with the person.”

Being an advisor is a two-way street

“When inviting a candidate to join your advisory board, you should lay down the ground rules about what is expected in terms of time, responsibilities, and term of office, advises Xu” writes Ms. Stengel. It is important to be honest with what you want from your advisory board and to hold them accountable. The leadership team also needs to balance the input they get from advisors with their own expertise and the confidence they have in their team’s abilities.

What is the reward?

Ms. Stengel reports that the benefits of a strong board of advisors include, “insight into marketplace trends, gauge future trends, make introductions to customers, facilitate funding, and suggest alliances.” The article talks about making the work interesting, fun and mutually beneficial. “It’s a chance for them to give back, feel appreciated, and get recognized. It’s a great chance to network and learn.”

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