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How Unified VRM is One Pane of Glass for Vulnerability Management

At NopSec we have one mission: to make vulnerability management easier. We bring transparency, order and ease to vulnerability data – making teams more efficient and organizations more secure.

Our partner integration ecosystem is essential to our mission. Organizations have dispersed vulnerability data that lives in many different tools and is owned by many different teams.

Vulnerability risk management teams have to gather all that information and merge it into one report manually. You can say goodbye to manual process with NopSec’s Unified VRM.

Imagine you are creating a report. First you have to log into a scanner, create a few different report templates. Then export the scan data. Then, log into an asset management tool to correlate each vulnerability against the asset criticalities. Then log into your ticket management software to check on the remediation statuses. Then take all those different data points and merge them all into a spreadsheet, where you create your pivot tables, summaries, calculations etc. And, all of this is before you have even created your final charts, graphics and slides that ultimately get shared with the executive team. We have talked to organizations that need days or weeks to gather all the correct data and some who don’t even have the computing power to compute trend lines in reports, so have to just live without.

The Unified VRM platform can cut through that by integrating with all your data sources, normalizing it, computing it and merging it into one pane of glass. We ingest data from network scanners, web app and endpoint scanners, asset management systems, ticket management tools, patching systems and, of course, threat intelligence. And, not only do we grab data FROM them, but we also push back TO them, keeping all your disparate systems in sync.

With one login you can view, verify and analyze all your vulnerability data. What’s more, our report creator will enable you to leverage that centralized big data for custom reports right from the same platform.

Our partner integration ecosystem is at the heart of the Unified VRM platform, making it one pane of glass for vulnerability management. When organizations have this centralized data, they can leverage the true value of big data. Bringing ease, transparency and efficiency to their security programs. And, ultimately, making it more secure.

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