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“Future of Vulnerability Management” Podcast Episode 7: How Practitioners Can Use Vulnerability Management to Improve Business Objectives

Future of Vulnerability Management Podcast Episode 7 Featuring Yabing Wang

The Future of Vulnerability Management podcast is dedicated to helping security professionals tackle real issues in the vulnerability management space. Lisa Xu, our CEO, interviews industry experts and leading practitioners about what can be done to prepare for the future of vulnerability management. 

Lisa has a passion for connecting business with technology and thrives in transforming disruptive technology into leading solutions. Over the past two decades, Lisa has advised Fortune 500 enterprises on data security, privacy and technology risk management, and led many diverse teams at Ally Financial (GMAC), KPMG, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In this episode, we are joined by Yabing Wang, the CISO at Justworks. Justworks takes the busyness out of growing a business and alleviates the unknown. NopSec’s Lisa Xu talks with Yabing about her multifaceted cross-discipline journey to become a leader in the field of cybersecurity. 

Yabing shares her insights into best practices for vulnerability management today, her vision of future security, and how practitioners can use it to improve security for businesses.

Topics discussed:

 Yabing Wang shares some vulnerable moments that helped shape her career as a leader in the security industry.

  • Yabing talks about how her education in philosophy brings value to her as a CISO looking at vulnerability management.
  • Lisa and Yabing explore some of the commonalities in vulnerability management across different industries and market segments.
  • They discuss prioritizing vulnerabilities and the need for bidirectional automation.
  • Some best practices for vulnerability management metrics to mitigate risk are highlighted.
  • Yabing shares her perspective on security at a company with a traditional legacy infrastructure versus a cloud-based business-centric approach.
  • Yabing and Lisa talk about how cybersecurity is more and more tied to business objectives.
  • Yabing explains her leadership style as a woman in a security leadership role. 

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