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“Future of Vulnerability Management” Podcast Episode 10: How to Reinvigorate the Vulnerability Management Category

Future of Vulnerability Management Podcast Episode 10 Featuring Kyle McNulty

The Future of Vulnerability Management podcast is dedicated to helping security professionals tackle real issues in the vulnerability management space. Lisa Xu, our CEO, interviews industry experts and leading practitioners about what can be done to prepare for the future of vulnerability management. 

Lisa has a passion for connecting business with technology and thrives in transforming disruptive technology into leading solutions. Over the past two decades, Lisa has advised Fortune 500 enterprises on data security, privacy and technology risk management, and led many diverse teams at Ally Financial (GMAC), KPMG, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In today’s episode, Lisa speaks with Kyle McNulty, entrepreneur and host of Secure Ventures podcast, a platform for security founders to tell their stories. Kyle is a security consultant and advisor, helping startups balance and implement security amidst competing priorities. 

On the Secure Ventures podcast, Kyle McNulty interviews founders, executives, visionaries, and creators in the cybersecurity industry. The conversations include deep dives into fascinating backgrounds, explanations of transitions into cybersecurity, and the challenges and successes that have shaped their careers.

Topics discussed: 

  • How Kyle kicked off his consulting and podcasting career through cold outreach. 
  • The most common challenges Kyle hears from vulnerability management managers. 
  • The downside of only addressing the critical and high priority vulnerabilities. 
  • The fundamental root causes of vulnerability overload. 
  • The multi-dimensional challenges of balancing innovation and managing the vulnerability landscape. 
  • How security can be a true enabler to an organization and improve overall business processes. 
  • How the industry can invigorate the vulnerability management category to better engage security practitioners. 
  • What surprises Kyle about centralization.
  • The importance of automation in vulnerability management to create more stimulus and provide more valuable insights.  
  • Kyle’s practical advice for vulnerability management managers to succeed in the future. 

Resources mentioned: Secure Ventures Podcast:


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