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Active Directory Authentication and Asset Sync

Enterprise organizations need vulnerability risk management solutions that integrate with the existing authentication and asset management infrastructure. Unified VRM has the right features for full integration.

Unified VRM was already compatible with MS Active Directory authentication. The great news is that now this authentication can happen without having the organization opening any firewall ports via our internal network appliance placed into the organization’s internal network. So all the organization’s authenticated users authorized to do so via AD can authenticate to Unified VRM too without relaying to the internal authentication.

On top of authentication, Unified VRM has an additional integration with MS Active Directory. Active Directory can also be used an object container for assets and hosts, divided in Ou – Organizational Units. With this release (3.4.7) Unified VRM is also capable of importing assets and hosts configured in the different organizational units and domains configured in Active Directory. Again the integration happens seamlessly via the communication with AD and our internally-placed virtual appliance. This integration allows to continuously updating hosts and asset groups configured in Active Directory with Unified VRM so that the automated scanning of updated hosts can happen seamlessly.

You are welcome enterprise!

As in every blog post, following is a brief video demonstration of Active Directory authentication and Active Directory Ou Asset functionalities.

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