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Secure C Suite Buy-in for an Information Security Program

As a cybersecurity expert, you know how important it is to protect your organization’s IT assets from potential threats. But you will likely need to get approval and input from C-suite executives to get your information security program off the ground. Translating your department’s wants and needs to management or leadership can be difficult, especially if the CEO, CTO, or CFO aren’t well versed in the latest cybersecurity trends. Learn about the best ways to get buy-in from leadership to maximize your chances of success.

Putting Yourself in Their Shoes

Before you make your pitch to company leadership, try stepping into their shoes to get a better sense of their needs and concerns. C-suite executives are often tackling multiple priorities or problems simultaneously, and cybersecurity may be just one piece of the puzzle. You will have to learn how to use their language when speaking about the impact and potential benefits of a well-executed information security program.

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As the IT translator, you need to show management how these features and benefits will directly affect the organization using the terms and key performance indicators that they understand. The most important thing you want the C-Suite to take away is how the vulnerability management software will protect and benefit your organization strategically and financially.

Making Your Case: Why Invest in Cybersecurity?

It all starts with helping management understand the true value of cybersecurity. It can be difficult to convey the potential cost savings of preventing an outage that never occurred. Managers typically deal with dollars and cents. You have to show them that the cost of your VRM program will deliver a solid ROI.

Communicating the importance of cyber security often comes down to these factors:


Certain industries are required by law to safeguard employee and customer information. Using a VRM scanning tool can help your organization comply with these requirements, such as those outlined by HIPAA or the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). These require financial institutions to protect customer data while disclosing data-sharing practices with customers. If your organization needs to comply with these standards, noncompliance could result in a hefty fine. A security incident could also tarnish your organization’s reputation within your respective industry.

Operational Efficiency and Strategic Impact

When pitching to C-suite executives, you should prioritize VRM solutions that increase operational efficiency in the IT department. The automated system should ultimately reduce the time it takes to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities while simplifying the reporting process for compliance purposes. This will help your organization achieve ROI on the software, essentially allowing you to do more with less.

Your information security program should also bring your organization closer to reaching its goal. Regardless of the nature of the company, a successful VRM program will help you minimize potential downtime and maximize operational efficiency, so employees and customers can access the network 24/7 in today’s increasingly digital world.

Cost Reduction

The cost of remediating a potential security incident or data breach can be difficult to comprehend. Your organization may face lawsuits and government fines if you fail to secure sensitive information properly. If hackers gain access to the network, they may expose trade secrets to your competitors. Your customers may also lose faith in your organization’s ability to protect their information, which could lead to a significant drop in sales.

Help your managers to measure vulnerabilities and understand the potential cost of an attack or breach while documenting your ability to prevent these kinds of incidents from happening in the first place.

Profit and Financial Stability

When discussing the overall cost of VRM software, don’t forget to include cybersecurity training and the time it takes to install and implement the program. You will need to schedule a time to train your colleagues on how to use the new system. It’s best to include the entire organization on these matters as well. Every employer should know how to report and identify a potential attack to ensure that everyone is practicing good digital hygiene.

Set aside a budget for your information security program as your company continues to grow and evolve over time with documenting its potential ROI. Give leadership a sense of how it fits into the organization’s overall plan for financial solvency.

Remember to bring it all together when making your case. Be concise and consistent without using overly technical language that could ostracize some leaders. It may also be helpful to find a C-suite executive who supports your cause and advocates for your recommendations as well.

The latest information security software can help your organization defend itself from emerging threats while helping you make the most of your existing cybersecurity resources. Every member of the team can use automation to focus on vulnerability prioritization and vulnerability remediation of threats rather than relying on time-consuming manual processes. Cybercrime is becoming more common and dangerous. Use these tips to strengthen your case when advocating for the latest in vulnerability management and new security protocols.

Download the full Secure C Suite Buy-in for an Information Security Program report from NopSec to learn more about how to prepare your business case for VRM software and support it with industry specific use cases.

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