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NopSec Webinar: SEC Pushing for CISOs on the Board

2022 CISO on the Board Webinar Slide

The SEC’s proposed new requirements puts CISOs – and their departments – in the hot seat. While some organizations’ boards of directors are already disclosing and reporting on cybersecurity incidents and management, the SEC seeks to standardize this across industries.

Presented by NopSec, join the discussion on August 31st at 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT with a panel of cybersecurity experts as they talk about what’s to come with these new proposals.


  • Why is the SEC proposing these requirements
  • What this means for the role of CISO
  • How this will change the boardroom
  • How will this change the role of security teams
  • What is the anticipated outcome of this move
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