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Customer Interview: Matt Sharp, CISO at Logicworks

Dec 06, 2022


I’m Matt Sharp, the CISO at Logicworks, and we move customers to the cloud and provide cloud operations that are software enabled.

What problems led you to search for a solution like NopSec?

The problems Logicworks was facing initially were primarily project throughput and risk prioritization.

Why did you decide to purchase NopSec?

First off, we really appreciated the fact that NopSec was based here in Brooklyn, because we had local access to the talent and the leadership team, and that we were gonna be able to have an influence on some of the features and roadmap. We also liked the team and felt like they were consistent and congruent with a more innovative culture at Logic.

How has NopSec impacted your company?

The impact of having NopSec engaged was that we were able to spend less time on our vulnerability management program and spend more time serving customers. I spent a lot less time, handholding in the vulnerability management program, and so that gives me an opportunity to spend more of my time focused on innovating at the frontier of public cloud adoption.