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Customer Interview: Luis Arzu, VP of Information Security at Urban One

Dec 06, 2022


I’m Luis Arzu. I’m the CISO at Urban One. I’m effectively the accountable executive for all matters related to information security.

What problems led you to search for a solution like NopSec?

Before NopSec was put in place, we had a series of spreadsheets. And if you can imagine, take a bunch of spreadsheets and try and figure out, between all the noise, what’s more important and what vulnerabilities belong to what teams. That is a very, very dilapidated process for us and an arduous process, and that led us to kind of think about – Hey, how do we do this in a much more efficient way that provides us with actionable insights and a path to remediation that effectively also had an impact on the program.

Why did you decide to purchase NopSec?

The specific features that stood out to me about the NopSec platform were the actionable insights. Not only that, but our ability to ultimately measure the program. So the platform itself gave us both.

How has NopSec impacted your company?

With NopSec in place, our team’s day to day life has become much easier. Number one, we have one platform,  that’s available to the series of teams. Number two, it provides me a way to see in one place how the overall program is doing.

What other benefits are you reaping with NopSec in place?

With NopSec now in place, we’ve seen a meantime-to-remediation reduction of over 80%. So now that the teams have these actionable insights and prioritized insights, they know exactly what to target and how to address these vulnerabilities. The other, is in terms of FTE, for us, the platform represents about two to two and a half FTEs. It’s a significant amount in terms of cost reduction from what we were doing before. We have now one platform that delivers all of this, all of these benefits across the entire organization.