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Customer Interview: David McLeod, VP and CISO at Cox Enterprise

Dec 06, 2022


I’m David McLeod. I’m the Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for Cox Enterprises. My everyday job is anticipating what the business is gonna need so that security does not get in the way of our growth.

What problems led you to search for a solution like NopSec?

We have a scale problem. For years we’ve had more tools than people, so we were looking for a way to automate, have one point of view, have fewer tools and fewer people. To get all the same work done.

Why did you decide to purchase NopSec?

When we were looking at NopSec, we thought it was so important to get focused in on how much can you tell me without me having to analyze. Which answers can you give me without me having to talk to three people and juggle three tools. At the end of the day, I got a lot more coming at me and there’s no extra people being created and too many tools. So I hope to narrow all those things while my business grows.

How has NopSec impacted your company?

With NopSec in place, we’re gonna be able to use a lower level analyst to help us just prioritize and know what to work on. I predict that NopSec will impact my teams by giving them less to worry about and more to focus on. I believe it’ll also have the impact of me not having to push around so much data, but the whole point being the entire team can have one view into what needs to be done without a whole lot of extra meetings and coordination and emergency type activity.