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Technology Fingerprint

Customer Interview: Andrew King, Managing Director at OneMain Financial

Dec 06, 2022


My name is Andrew King. I’m a managing director for Security Operations for One Main Financial.

Why did you decide to purchase NopSec?

I think they’ve built a formula and a way to visualize that in a way that other companies haven’t yet.

How has NopSec impacted your team?

It’s allowed us to look at things and understand them much quicker than we would have with previous tools. It allows us one common platform to ingest our data, view it with the teams, output the information, and then be able to prioritize across the most critical things that we need to patch.

What other benefits are you reaping with NopSec in place?

I think it’s a partnership. They’re very willing to hear the things that we want as a leadership team and discuss the product features that would make our lives easier, that would help us make business critical decisions much more expeditiously. We have relationships with a multiplicity of layers within the company that want to see us succeed. They want to give us the information in a way that we can use it best in our environment.