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Customer Interview: Alex Bazay, CISO at Align

Dec 06, 2022


My name is Alex. I’m a Chief Information Security Officer for a company called Aligned Communications.

What problems led you to search for a solution like NopSec?

What happened was you get in the big list of multiple vulnerabilities that you need to patch without understanding how they’re affecting your environment and how they’re affecting your risk profile. That is the main reason why we start looking for a solution like NopSec.

What did you do to address the problem before NopSec?

Every solution, every vulnerability needed special attention. It’s requires some research, understanding what it is before you can apply remediation. So the process was really tedious. No matter what you do today, tomorrow, you’re going to face another set of vulnerabilities.

How has NopSec impacted your team?

It’s help us to minimize the stress on the group responsible for the vulnerability management and for patch management. Right now, they don’t have to patch all 50,000 critical vulnerabilities that they discover right now. They can focus on one particular risky area that they can be address right now and put something on a later day.

What other benefits are you reaping with NopSec in place?

We start addressing our problems from the risk perspective, not from vulnerabilities perspective. And that brought up completely different conversation, not only with our team members, but with our executives. So right now, when you talk to executive, you can address their concern from risk perspective. What does it mean? What does this vulnerability mean for that system?