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Vulnerability Management Presentation to CISO – No problem

Most of our customers’ security analysts are called on a monthly basis (or more often) to deliver a presentation of the vulnerability management risks the organization is facing and the actions the security department is taking to remediate those risks. What I am referring to here are identified vulnerabilities that represent a great risk and threat for the organization and the patching / re-configuration strategy the organization is planning to put in place.

For this purpose, security analysts need to quickly put together a presentation to the CISO focusing on the risks, vulnerabilities, emerging threats and malware, and social media coverage of those identified vulnerabilities.

At NopSec, customers request and we execute.

Per our customers’ request, we just released a functionality in Unified VRM allowing them to export our flagship vulnerability, risk and threat dashboard into a simple pre-formatted power-point file. The charts and the related titles are there. The dashboard charts are there. At the same time it gives them the freedom to embellish and customize the slides the way they want without having to screenshot the dashboards every time they change.

You are welcome!

As usual, following is a video to show how the new export feature works.

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