NopSec’s Co-Founder & CTO quoted in Healthcare IT News article

Michelangelo Sidagni, NopSec’s Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, was quoted in a recent Healthcare IT News article, “Defending against dark web-fueled attacks calls for research, strategy”. “The dark web hosts a variety of data posted for sale in forums, discussion groups and catalog-style sites,” said Michelangelo Sidagni, chief technology officer at NopSec, a vendor of cybersecurity technology. “These include zero-day exploits with proof-of-concepts that never were disclosed and are for sale for hefty prices in bitcoins; one-day exploits for vulnerabilities that currently have patches but have no public exploits disclosed yet; custom malware, bot-as-a-service, DDoS-as-a-service, all for sale; and personally identifiable information such as credit cards, Social Security numbers, and login information that can be used in phishing attacks.”

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