Has Your Company Performed an Annual Penetration Test Yet this Year?

Many federal regulations such as GBLA, HIPAA and PCI require an annual penetration test. Customers often ask for our penetration testing services in direct response to a compliance request from an auditor or industry regulator. NopSec recommends a penetration test to determine a baseline of your company’s security posture.

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Best Practices Guide: Penetration Testing

NopSec brings a proven approach to helping businesses significantly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. By simulating real-world attacks, NopSec’s penetration testers actively attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to system resources without damaging or disrupting production services. Our accredited security engineers use the most advanced penetration testing methodologies available and deliver results that you can trust.

If any of the content above prompts questions, please do not hesitate to reach out us at 646.502.7900. And if you missed the Best Practices Guide: Penetration Testing, it is a popular download and a must-read!