Significantly reduce the risk of enterprise cyber-attacks by managing the vulnerabilities that matter most.


Vulnerability risk management software-as-a-service that delivers a unique combination of data aggregation, prioritization, and decision-making insights in order to expedite remediation.


Unified VRM - vulnerability management software-as-a-service

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The evolution of vulnerability risk management.

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How most vulnerability scanners work:




How Unified VRM software-as-a-service works:


Completely separate tools

Most security tools are completely separate from each other, so many IT security professionals are forced to look for vulnerability data in different places.


Unified view of your IT security risk

Aggregates the results of Qualys, Nessus, and Nexpose vulnerability scanner reports and augments with NopSec’s proprietary technology for a holistic view of vulnerabilities across your infrastructure and applications.


Information overload

Most vulnerability scanners provide canned remediation reports with literally thousands of vulnerabilities which may require manual tracking and reporting.


Proactive prioritization tailored to your organization

Verifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on business risk and impact using NopSec’s patent-pending Intelligent Algorithm™, which removes irrelevant data and eliminates false positives.


Barriers to remediation

Organizational barriers can inhibit the transition from vulnerability detection to fixes being implemented.


Flexible integration with your existing processes

Streamlines the ticketing process, facilitates social collaboration on fixes, and integrates with existing IT security tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and patch management systems.



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